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Vanakam, I am Thejashri from Malaysia. Before I discovered Vaitheeswaran Astrology Nadi, I went through a sad life, had anger issues, and ego. I had many questions within me as I was confused with my birth purpose and what I am about to achieve. When I consulted nadi astrology in Malaysia, the prediction was irrelevant. But later I heard from my friend about Vaitheeswaran koil Nadi, an Indian astrologist in Malaysia and I wanted to consult them. I contacted vikramathithan ayya, scanned and sent my thumb impression through whatsapp and they found my nadi leaf. He read the leaf and predicted my past and current life very accurately. It bought me a great sense of trust and hope within me. I was suggested to perform a few remedies. As I was unable to travel to India, I sent them pictures online and they carried out all the remedies on my behalf and sent the prasadam to my home. When the remedies were performed, I found peace in my life, it’s very patient, smooth and calm. My life is more peaceful now. If you cannot go in person and carry out remedies, I recommend you to contact Guruji Vikramathithan ayya’s online astrology Malaysia. He guides you very perfectly from transport, carrying out remedies, providing an overall great guidance.