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How Nadi Astrology Predictions are Made?

Experiencing Nadi astrology is a life changing opportunity that will help you discover the path of your soul. Vaitheeswaran koil nadi astrology provides a solution for any kind of problems you might have in your life as it briefs the ideas of Guru Maharishi.

To experience Nadi astrology all you need to do is scan and send your thumb impression – Right thumb impression (male) and left thumb impression (female). If the Nadi leaf that matches and resonates with your thumbprint category or soul grouping is found, we read the writings from the palm leaf to predict your future very accurately. It is you, who should acknowledge and relate to what is written in the leaves. We study the leaves and analyse the medicines, English or siddha medicine, remedies for the problem given by maharishi.


You need not believe any false predictions and suffer with pain. We provide solutions and remedies to your problems. With just your fingerprints being scanned and sent to us online. We can search for the leaves and find them. If it matches your details, such as Date of birth, Raasi, and natchathiram, then we will predict and tell your future very accurately.

The primary and essential nadi types are Agasthiya Nadi, Siva Nadi, and Vashishtha Nadi. Select from these three types and let us know if you want a brief and detailed prediction of your future. You can experience Nadi astrology once and revisit us anytime for any doubts; you will not be charged for that. Please provide us with the Date you approached us, and we will send you the recordings.

“Jodhida sasthirangalai vida ola chuvadi migavum punidham matrum magathuvamanadhu”

We predict your Past birth, current, and future birth, study your whole life- from birth till death and the root cause of a problem with a solution. We Provide predictions for

  • A person’s life
  • An individual and his family
  • Predictions for an individual as well as family together

Apart from reading Nadi, we find:

  • Family deity – if you do not know
  • Your date of birth
  • Vasthu, lucky god, lucky stone
  • Gandam and relieving measures

If you are confused about your future, Consult Online right now!

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