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1. General Kandam

The first and general kandam gives a generalized report on the name of the person, life span, family member details and profession. General kandam is a summary predicting the future of all 12 houses in horoscope. It is predicted with the birth time mentioned in the nadi leaf based on the planetary positions.
Kudumba Kandam

2. Ku(s)dumba Kandam - Education, Eyesight and Speech

The kusduma kandam gives details about education, wealth and family of the nadi seeker. It also gives detailed information on eyesight and Speech.
Sahodara Kandam

3. Sahodara Kandam - Brothers, Sisters Relationship

Sohadara kandam provides all details about the nadi seeker’s siblings. Name, problems, positive or negative aspect of the relationship with sibilings.
Matru Kandam

4. Matru Kandam - Mother, Building, Vehicle and Land

The 4th or matru kandam has details about the role or influence of mother in the nadi seeker’s life, the problems and benefits. There are also other information about the assets such as building, vehicle and land.
Puthra Kandam

5. Putra Kandam - Children their Birth and Children Future

Putra kandam has information about children, their birth and the children’s future. Remedies for any problems related to child birth and children is provided. This kandam also predicts if the nadi seeker will have children or not.

6. Shathru Kandam - Debt Litigations, Diseases and Enemies

This chapter contains information about misfortunes in the nadi seeker’s life such as debtlitigations, diseases and the duration of suffering, enemies, The appropriate remedial measures are also suggested.
Kalyana Kandam

7. Kalyana Kandam - Marriage, Wife and Love Affair

Kalyana kandam contains details of nadi seeker’s marital life. The date, time, place of marriage, delay in marriages and remedial measures, period of marriage, wife & compatibilty and also about love affair.

8. Aayur Kandam - Longevity and Accident and Danger to Life

The aayur kandam has details about the death, means & causes of death, longevity, accident and other dangers involed in life.

9. Thakapanar Kandam - Poorvapunya, Father, Temple and Gurus Darshan

Thakapanar kandam gives details about father, wealth inhertited from father, purvapunya, temples to visit and gurus dharshan is also discussed here.

10. Karma Kandam - Job and Business

Karma kandam has information about the job nature to pursue, type of business to establish, profits and predictions about your future business life.

11. Laabha Kandam - Profit and Second Marriage

Laabaha kandam gives insights about the change and how to move ahead in life. It answers questions about vehicluar profits, second Marriage and future predictions.

12. Vyaya Kandam - Salvation or Rebirth, Expenditure and Foreign Travel

Vyaya kandam talks about salvation or rebirth, expenditure of money and the opportunity to travel to a foreign Country.

13. Santhi Kandam

Santhi Kandam is all about pariharam (rituals) to be performed to reduce the effects caused due to deeds committed in the past birth.

14. Dheekshai Kandam

Dheekshai kandam talks about the methods of preparing or chanting mantra, advice on wearing raksha or talisman to avoid ill effects and protect yourself from evil.

15. Aushadha Kandam

Anushadha kandam describes the medicines and prescriptions used by people who are suffering from illness and remedies or methods to help them deal with it.

16. Disabukthi Kandam

Disabukthi explains the planetary positions, defines the running period of disa bukthi as well as the change in planetary positions and its effects in life from time to time.
Kandams - Nadi Astrology