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Vanakam. I recently experienced some unexpected situations, which aroused a few questions in my mind. A friend of mine who discovered his Nadi leaf recommended Guruji Vikramathithan ayya’s online astrology in malaysia. I was asked for a scanned left thumbprint, then I was asked a few questions to search and confirm my nadi leaf. Then he found and read my leaf, I was so satisfied with the readings. He predicted my past life, current and future, which was very satisfying. He also gave me some remedies to follow. I followed all the remedies religiously, which gave me peace and good benefits. He was always available to respond to my doubts and questions. You can contact him anytime if you have any doubts about your leaf and get his guidance. It was a very satisfying experience. If you have any problems in your life and want solutions, I highly recommend Guruji vikramathithan ayya’s nadi astrology in malaysia to solve your life problems.